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Updating Your Nissan GPS Unit

April 30, 2016

There are different ways to equip your vehicle with a GPS system. Some systems are installed direct from the vehicle manufacturer, some by the dealership, and others can be purchased aftermarket to be installed by the customer. A factory installed system has the benefit of being contained within the dashboard of your vehicle and you do not have to contend with messy wires or mounting hardware.

A GPS unit works with sophisticated sensors installed in the vehicle that communicate with satellites. These satellites zero in on your location and provide information on how to get to your desired destination based on data you enter into your GPS unit. Nissan’s units contain HERE digital maps. The HERE company is constantly looking for ways to enhance driver experiences with their navigation units and some models may contain upgrades that assist drivers in making correct lane choices, voice to text options, as well as voice recognition.
Your Nissan GPS unit can be updated by you, the consumer, when necessary. Obtaining a Nissan GPS update for your factory
system will ensure that you have the most recent information available for your next trip. Venturing out on a road trip without having the latest route information including construction, speed limit variances and traffic alerts, can make for a very frustrating ride. Not only does the update provide you with the most recent roadway information, it also will give the driver current data about points of interest, such as retail stores, restaurants and lodgings.
Nissan GPS updates are typically released in the last few months of the year, usually around the fall. You can check online or call your local Nissan dealership to inquire if new updates are available for your vehicle. will provide you with the process for ordering the updates for your vehicle. Just enter your vehicle year and model and you can easily order online and the SD card will be shipped to you. Vehicle owners can call customer service with any questions about ordering procedures or to verify the correct update prior to purchasing. Costs will depend on which update you require, but they usually range from $149 to $179. Discounts may be available to you, so check the website for the exact cost. Payment can be made with credit card online or customers may use PayPal if they choose.
There is a website available for GPS users to report errors or missing information that they discover with the data in their GPS unit. If your Nissan navigation unit has not been updated lately, it is well worth it to get the latest information downloaded before your next trip. Costs are reasonable, and with potential savings in gas and time, it’s an easy choice.

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