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The Big State Made a Great Choice

October 7, 2013

The north east state of Connecticut was one of the first ones that deregulated the power companies in their state. They allowed smaller companies to come in and offer them the chance to be able to sell power to the residents that lived there. The over whelming majority of the state decided that they were going to pick their provider and save a lot of money doing so. I was looking at texas deregulation and I thought that they would be able to do the same thing in that state, so maybe I would have to find out what it took to be one of the small power companies that was able to offer their services. I called the right department in that state and talked to someone who said that they could send me a packet in the mail so that I could see what it took to become one of those companies, and I did not have to live in the state to do so. This was good because I did not live in the state at the time.

I went down to establish my company with the state and follow all of the rules and regulations so that I would be able to get a tax id number from the state so I could offer people a great deal on their power and it was a huge success, I found myself up and running in no time and it was very easy. I noticed how nice and helpful the people of that state were in helping me get established in my company and I thought it was going to be a good place to raise my family. I called my husband and told him that we were moving and I am glad that we never looked back, it is a great state.

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