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Started Work on the Lake House

January 15, 2014

My brother in law and I have owned a piece of land up on Kentucky lake for well over a year. The plan was always to build a house on it. We intend to keep it for a while and then at some point we will probably sell it with an idea of startin over. We already have a camp site there, a couple of slabs where we can hook up my RV and his camper trailer. We have a lot of ideas for the lake house, We watched a bunch of videos showing how to install a fibaro home automation system, We found all of the components at a really low price on an internet auction site. Mostly we are interested in setting things up with a really good security system, especially since it is pretty obvious that a guy with a boat could come on shore and clean that house out really easily.

All you have to do is look around on a boat and I am guessing you can find dozens of places like the one we have. It is sitting on a spit of land all by itself and the road runs close to the lake, so that you could have a lookout watching for anyone on the road. So long as no one came near you on that road you could be pretty sure that the local cops were not closing in on you. Of course you would most likely find thieves who did not think things out that closely. Instead they would just see that house and figure out it was pretty much vacant. Then they would go in to see if you left them any beer in your fridge. Mostly that is what you would get at our place, because we do not have TV in it yet.

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