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Met the New Neighbors Today

June 6, 2014

I am pretty sure that my girlfriend is going to have a fit when she finds out what sort of neighbors I have. I got in the apartment early this morning and I was waiting for reliant energy in frisco to show up and hook the power up. There was not much light so I went out on the balcony to read the paper. I noticed that a group of three attractive young women came in a short time later and after a bit one of them showed up on the balcony beside me. She was really nice and since I did not have any power she made me some coffee.… Read the rest

Started Work on the Lake House

January 15, 2014

My brother in law and I have owned a piece of land up on Kentucky lake for well over a year. The plan was always to build a house on it. We intend to keep it for a while and then at some point we will probably sell it with an idea of startin over. We already have a camp site there, a couple of slabs where we can hook up my RV and his camper trailer. We have a lot of ideas for the lake house, We watched a bunch of videos showing how to install a fibaro home automation system, We found all of the components at a really low price on an internet auction site.… Read the rest

I Got Busy Enough to Hire More Help

January 14, 2014

I had a web designer create a really great site for my company. I was naive enough to think that was all I needed to open my online doors and realize success like never before. That didn’t happen though. While I did have a small level of success, I knew that I needed to get my website ranked higher so people would visit my site rather than the websites of my competitors. The only way I knew to do this was to buy visitors. I had looked at an online forum of business owners, and that seemed to be the general consensus when I asked people for advice.… Read the rest

The Big State Made a Great Choice

October 7, 2013

The north east state of Connecticut was one of the first ones that deregulated the power companies in their state. They allowed smaller companies to come in and offer them the chance to be able to sell power to the residents that lived there. The over whelming majority of the state decided that they were going to pick their provider and save a lot of money doing so. I was looking at texas deregulation and I thought that they would be able to do the same thing in that state, so maybe I would have to find out what it took to be one of the small power companies that was able to offer their services.… Read the rest

How Hard and Risky is It to Jailbreak a Phone

April 1, 2013

A friend of mine has an older smartphone which he has replaced and no long uses. It is a Samsung Galaxy 3, which is a lot better than the cheap phone that I am using. However I do not want to use it with the plan that it is attached to, the phone came from one of the cell phone service providers and my friend kept it until he got out of the plan that came with it. He talked about how long it would be all it would be. I want to get the phone, I have to jailbreak the phone so that I can use it on another service provider’s plan.… Read the rest