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Getting the House in Order

June 7, 2014

Things are quite a mess here still. We had a really chaotic move from the old place near Eagle Pass to the new one here in Round Rock. Right now we are trying to get the essential stuff unpacked and set up. For a bit we were worried that we had missed our appointment. We called up reliant energy for round rock and set up an appointment for them to turn the power on, but they did not show up when we were expecting them. It seems to have been a simple misunderstanding and now the power is on. We have to get new appliances when we get some money it seems though. Delia is just not happy with the way that the old ones match the oven and the dishwasher in this place. Both of them are a sort of ugly green shade and I would be inclined to get rid of them if it was simple. I was really wondering if there was a way that you could just swap out the doors or maybe that piece of metal plate that is on the outside of each.

This place is a lot better for me and the kids. The yard is about three or four times bigger than the old place. Some of it is wooded, but there is a back yard that is about two acres in size and it has a fence around it for the dogs. There is also a pretty good sized storage building, in fact Delia and I have lived in places that were smaller than it is when we were still kids ourselves. The kids think they are going to turn it into this awesome playhouse, but of course I do not think they are paying any of the bills around here.

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